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Allure Stradbroke Resort understands that privacy is important to you and wants your experience online to be as enjoyable and safe as possible. This policy describes how the resort handles your personal information generally and when you use the Site.
This privacy policy applies to the resorts handling of personal information generally and when you use this site.
The resort is bound by the National Privacy Principles as set out in the Australian Privacy Act (Cth) 1988 as amended and the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993.


Visitors to the website provide various kinds of information in several different ways. Some visitors choose to submit personal information through subscription and entry forms, booking forms and requests for more information, either through e-mails, response devices or other methods. Depending on the service you are accessing, you could be asked at various times to provide information including but not limited to, details such as your name, e-mail address or information about what you like and do not like. When booking accommodation on-line or paying for other services, we may request your credit card number to complete the transaction or your mailing address to ensure delivery.
The resort will not collect sensitive information about you such as details of your race, political beliefs, religion or health. However this may be required where we are providing you with specialised services (such as access requirements for a disability).
We need this personal information in order to provide you with our products or services, and so we can provide you with a broad range of information in relation to tourism, hospitality and services and to assist in delivering a better service to you.
This information will be recorded by the resort and updated when additional information is supplied or upon request from you. The contact details of the Resort are available when you obtain services from the Resort.


The resort uses the personal information collected to provide you with our services and to assist in making your experience with the resort a satisfying one. Information is also collected to establish and maintain proper business records.
Your personal information may also be used by the resort to notify you about new products, services or promotions in the tourism, hospitality or services industries from time to time.


Will your information be given to anyone else?
All personal information collected by the resort is only made available to those authorised individuals who need to handle that information for the purposes outlined in this policy. In some circumstances, personal information may also be disclosed outside the resort.
For example, we may disclose personal information to third parties to whom the Resort contracts out specialised functions (such as mailing houses and printing companies). In such cases we will require an undertaking from such persons to comply with the National Privacy Principles and Information Privacy Principles and do not use the personal information for any purposes beyond the scope of our contract with them.
The Resort will also disclose personal information when required by law and may disclose it when reasonably necessary to assist an enforcement body or to lessen or prevent a threat to individual or public health or safety.



The Resort website application may use cookies exclusively for session management. These temporary cookies serve to identify the user during each individual visit to the site ("session"). This is a built-in feature of Active Server Pages (ASP) technology. These cookies are temporarily stored in the user's browser throughout the course of each individual session. No other use is or can be made of the information contained in these cookies, and there is no trace of individual sessions.




All information that you provide voluntarily (eg name, address, phone number) for requests for further information, will only be used by Allure Stradbroke Resort or related companies to respond to your enquiry, and to offer you other products or services that we believe may interest you.
Allure Stradbroke Resort or its related companies will not sell, trade or licence the information that you provide to any other entity.


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This site includes pending trade-marks and trade-marks which are otherwise protected by law including but not limited to the word ALLURE, ALLURE STRADBROKE and ALLURE STRADBROKE RESORT. Unless otherwise indicated they are owned by Allure Stradbroke Resort in Australia and may be the subject of rights, in other countries.
You must not use any of Allure Stradbroke Resort’s trade-marks or trading names except with the prior written consent of Allure Stradbroke Resort.
In the preparation of this site every effort has been made to offer the most current correct information possible.
The information contained in this site is intended to provide general guidelines only. Accordingly, the information is provided 'as is' without express or implied warranty. You must make your own independent enquiries before relying on such information. Allure Stradbroke Resort excludes:

All warranties whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise, relating in any way to this website or your use of this website; and All liability (including for negligence) to you or anyone else in respect of any loss or damage (including special, indirect or consequential loss or damage such as loss of revenue, unavailability of systems or loss of data) however caused by, arising from or in connection with any use of this website or the information on or accessed through it.

Where any Act of Parliament implies any term, representation or warranty into your use or accessing of this website, and that Act prohibits exclusion of that term, then that term is included. If and to the extent permitted by the Act, however, Allure Stradbroke Resort’s liability for any breach of such term is limited to supplying the services again, or the cost of doing so.


This website is controlled by Allure Stradbroke Resort, Queensland, Australia. By accessing this site, you accept that any disputes about this website or its contents are to be determined by the Courts having jurisdiction in Queensland in accordance with the laws of Queensland.





All payments made with credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex & Diners) will incur a 1.5% credit card commission fee payable
upon payment.



Cancellation within greater than 30 days notice to the date of arrival - transferable to an alternative date within 6 months of the
cancellation date. If you require a refund, full deposit will be refunded less an administration fee of $50.00
Cancellation within 7 days notice prior to the date of arrival - 1 night cancellation/administration fee. Any remaining deposit can be transferred to an alternative date within 6 months of the cancellation date.
Cancellation within 7 days of the date of arrival - no refund or transfer (During peak season)


Please note Allure Stradbroke Resort has a strict ‘No Pre-Schoolies or Schoolies’ Policy. No minors are allowed unless accompanied by an *adult* parent or guardian who must be present for the duration of the stay. Failure to comply with this policy will result in immediate eviction without refund.



Due to the location of North Stradbroke Island there is limited mobile phone coverage.  We advise that you check directly with your phone service provider to ensure that you receive signal.  Please note that each room has its own land line phone installed due to this inconvenience by your service providers.  Once you have checked in we can provide you with your direct in room phone number.



Allure Stradbroke Resort operates in one of Australia's most beautiful and sensitive natural settings. North Stradbroke Island is a place of outstanding natural beauty enjoyed by generations of Queenslanders and its future has now been protected for generations to come. By the end of 2013, 50 per cent of the island will be national park, by 2021 this will increase to 75 per cent and by 2026, 80 per cent of the island will be protected for the future.

At Allure Stradbroke Resort the values important to realising the goal of living in harmony with nature is shared with guests and staff alike. In our efforts to operate in accordance with the principles of sustainability, we have embraced the following goals and objectives:

• To provide a truly authentic "Straddie" experience to our guests;

• To ensure that environmental considerations are integrated into the business decision making process

• To implement programs and activities to reduce the carbon footprint of the property;

• To do all within our power to conserve the natural ecosystems and habitats with special concerns for the near shore environment and coral reefs and species associated with our location ( whales, turtles, etc.,);

• To encourage , support & promote local heritage and culture

• To ensure all staff, guests and suppliers are made aware of the environmental policies, objectives and procedures;

• To commit to addressing our environmental performance through development and maintenance of an adequate system of management inclusive of measurement, assessments and continuous improvement;

• To employ individuals from the surrounding community to promote economic and social growth;

• To purchase local goods and services which have no adverse effect to the hotel's general operations or have a negative environmental or social impact.