Resort Location

Allure Stradbroke Resort
43 – 57 East Coast Road, Point Lookout

Tucked into the foothills of Point Lookout on the north-eastern tip of North Stradbroke Island, Allure is conveniently located directly across the road from Home Beach and only a short drive or leisurely stroll away from the coastal village of Point Lookout.

Explore local places

Walk, ride or drive, Straddie is easy to explore and discover.

Places to Discover Approx. distance from Allure
Home Beach

Straddie Eats

Point Lookout Bowls Club

Local markets (seasonal)

Oasis on Straddie (cafe and events)

Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel

Cylinder Beach

Bob’s Shop (Foodworks)

Point Lookout Village

The Gorge Walk

North Stradbroke Island Surf Club

Amity Point

Brown Lake (Bummel)

North Stradbroke Island Golf Club

Dunwich Ferry Terminals

Blue Lake (Kaboora)

50 metres across the road

Front of the resort, next to Reception

Just next door

Just next door

Two doors down

600 metres

800 metres

1.5 kilometres

2.3 kilometres

2.3 kilometres

3 kilometres

14 kilometres

20 kilometres

22 kilometres

22 kilometres

30 kilometres